Biodegradable Bin Liners (White)


Are you concerned about the impact of plastic waste on our environment would like to make a positive change and contribute to a greener planet? Biodegradable materials are substances that can be broken down naturally by microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, into simpler, non-toxic compounds over time. These materials are designed to minimize harm to the environment and reduce the accumulation of waste in landfills or oceans.

Our Biodegradable Bin Liners are made from PE and PSM.

Biodegradable PE is formulated to undergo biodegradation, which means it can be broken down by microorganisms like bacteria or fungi into simpler substances over time. The specific conditions required for biodegradation may vary depending on the additives used and the intended disposal environment.

PSM or Polystyrene-Made Starch, which is a type of biodegradable material used as an alternative to traditional polystyrene foam. PSM is created by blending starch derived from crops like corn or potatoes, with polystyrene. The addition of starch to polystyrene enhances the biodegradability of the material.

100 pieces – 40cm x 50cm


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Dimensions40 × 50 cm

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