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  • Activated Carbon Formaldehyde Remover & Deodorizer


    Renovated your home recently? Made of natural coconut husk charcoal from nano technology, this handy tool is perfect to remove harmful up to 99% formaldehyde and odor. Place in the fridge to remove unwanted odor or near carpentry to remove harmful substances in the air. Reusable up to 3 years, place under the sun to…

  • Animal Doorstopper


    Tired of dealing with doors that constantly slam shut, causing noise and potential damage? Worried that the slamming doors may injure your pets and children? Designed to prevent doors from slamming shut, protecting your loved ones, walls, furniture, and belongings from accidental damage. Say goodbye to injuries, dents, scratches, and scuffs caused by forcefully closed…

  • Cotton Padded Mats (110 x 110cm)


    Over 20 designs to choose from! The soft mats are pawfect for pets and babies. 100% cotton, machine washable, with antislip underside. Place them on floor or sofa or bay windows! 110cm x 110cm

  • Fur Buster Squeegee


    The FurBuster squeegee is designed with silicone bristles that attract and lift pet hair from various surfaces. Whether it’s your couch, car seats, or clothes, the squeegee efficiently collects and removes stubborn pet hair, leaving your surfaces clean and hair-free. Dual sides silicone ends gives the squeegee extra functionality. Simply run the squeegee over the…

  • Paper Lint Roller w 12 Refills


    A handy tool to have if you are a pet owner! Leave one in your car, laundry area and pet living space! 1 x roller + 12 refills (60 sheets per refill)