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How To Clean Up Your Pet's Mess
Owning pets doesn't have to be a hassle or force us to abandon our standard of cleanliness and order. 
We can live happily and harmoniously with our pets if we just apply a little imagination, a little common sense, and a lilttle expert knowledge about proper procedures and equipment.


What You Need

  Small Squeegee
  Multi-purpose cleaner
  Cloths and Paper Towel
  Baking Soda
  Small Plastic Bags
  Scooping tool

Do it now! Treat the stains before it sets, chances of preventing stains and damage are far better.
Don't let pet mess go until it's convenient, because if you leave it, the mess will spread, smell, attract pests and encourage repeat offenses.
Test first! Test any chemical in a hidden area of the carpet or upholstery to make sure it does not discolor or damage the surface.
Never use ammonia to clean your pet mess as it smells like stale urine and it might trigger more peeing in the wrong place.
Keep pets and children out of the area when cleaning. Always store cleaners in a child and pet-safe place

How to make water and vinegar solution:
1) Mix up just what you will need using three parts warm water to one part white vinegar. I usually do 1 ½ cups warm water to a ½ cup of vinegar.
2) Pour the solution slowly over the stain and allow it to sit and soak for 3-5 minutes. Not only is vinegar a good natural solvent, it also kills bacteria. 
What to disinfect:
1) Pet's dishes 
2) Pet's toys, collars & leashes
3) Pet's bed/ crates/ cages
4) Scooping equipments
5) Waste containers used for dumping litter
6) Surfaces that the pet lounges on
Cleaning Pee
Blot up fresh urine with newspaper or paper towels
Wipe and clean the spot with deodorizer and disinfectant.
On carpet, use a cloth on the spot and apply pressure to absorb as much as possible until the spot is almost dry.
Saturate the stain with a water and vinegar solution.
You will want to perform this step regardless of whether you’re dealing with an old or a new stain.
Sprinkle the effected area with baking soda.
Kick back and let the scene of crime dry.
Cleaning Poo & Vomit
Feces can be removed with a small plastic bag or pet poo dustpan.
Clean vomit quickly as acids and dye from pet food can cause permanent damage.
Remove vomit with a squeegee and dustpan.
Clean the surface with deodorizer and disinfectant.
On carpet, same steps as cleaning urine. For dried feces, you may wish to comb out the residue.
Giving your puppy his favourite chew toy is better than letting him chew on anything which will significantly decrease the chances of poisoning or diarrhoea.
Cleaning Pet Hair & Fur
 On furniture, a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush is an effective tool for removing hair.
Damp rubber gloves with water. Use short strokes to remove hair. Hair would be easier to vacuum or pick up.
A disposable cloth is really best because it's hard to rinse hair out of cloth - you often end up just spreading it around onto other surfaces.
On clothes, pick pet hair off rolling masking tap.
Using softener during laundry is another way to help reduces hair on fabrics.  
Grooming your best friend regularly helps to reduce shedding too.

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