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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I choose Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping?


A: 5 important reason why you should choose us:
1 - There are many other cleaning companies around, and it is mind boggling to decide which is better. At Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping, we not only clean your precious home the best way we also keep your budget in mind.
2 – Our team of cleaners all local and permanent residents. They are carefully screened for your protection and peace of mind. They are experienced and are not independent contractors or illegal. 

3 – Free replacements. We take great pride in selecting a suitable cleaner for our clients and we also make sure that our clients have a ready pool of replacements should the cleaner quits.

4 – One Cleaner Per Home System ensures your home or office gets the personal care it deserves. We do not abruptly change your cleaner unless there is such need. Our cleaners are friendly and eager to know how you want your home to be cleaned so they can do their job more efficiently! Check out our client's testimonials.
5 – Budget Cleaning is a cleaning company, not agency. Unlike agencies who are interested in only making one-time Agency Fee with little after sales service, Budget Cleaning is committed in maintaining long term relationships with our clients. 

Q: Why do I need to pay Admin Fee? Can you waive, refund or transfer Admin Fees?
A: Admin Fee is neither refundable nor transferable. Admin Fee collected prior to the first cleaning session is to cover operational costs incurred by our standard admin work, training of cleaners, recruitment exercises, system maintenance and replacement costs should one is required. 

Q: Who are your cleaners? Where are they from? Are they legal?


A: Cleaners at Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping are all Singaporeans or permanent residents with years of cleaning experience. Their age ranges from mid 40s to mid 50s. 

Q: Are there any other hidden costs?


A: At Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping, all prices are nett. No GST or Service Charge!


Q: I just shifted place and new place is empty, do you provide cleaning supplies?

A: Basic cleaning supplies kit is available upon request at a promotional price. Delivery charges of cleaning kit applicable. To assemble you own cleaning kit and save cost, here are some ideas

Q: My apartment is really small, do I really need three hours?

A: In our humble opinion, most apartment will need at least 3 hours of cleaning as cleaners need to dust, scrub, polish and clean thoroughly. Also bear in mind that first appointment usually take the longest to complete because our housekeepers are not familiar with the condition and layout of your home. Do send us an email with your requirements so we can advise and recommend you the suitable cleaning packages.

Q: I have a pet, will your cleaners have a problem?
A: Do let us know in advance if you keep pets so we can get you cleaners that are happy to work around them. If you have a pet that tend to get anxious around strangers it may be better to keep them in an enclosed area until they become accustomed to the cleaner.

Q:  Can I buy a cleaning package and send it as a gift to a family or friend?

A: We make it easy to find the right gift. With our house cleaning gift voucher, you can give a friend or family member the ability to shake off the woes of house cleaning to enjoy some free time. Think of a house cleaning gift voucher for someone celebrating a new home, new office, new baby, retirement or job change. Or, think of them for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Q:  How do I go about getting a quotation?


A: Kindly  fill up the enquiry form a quotation will be generated and sent to your email provided within the next working day. Please do not SMS or whatsapp us.

Q: How do I make payment? Do I need to pay the cleaner after every session?

A: Budget Cleaning is a cleaning company, not agency. Our cleaners are under our direct employment and they do not collect cash after every session. Once a month payment to cleaners not only ensures commitment, it also ensures continuity of service. At Budget Cleaning, we make it easy for you. You will only need to make payment when cleaner has completed her cleaning cycle. Payment can done via I-Banking, Interbank GIRO, PayNow, ATM Funds Transfer or cheque. Just let us know your preference!

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