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Cleaning Plan & Supplies List 
Every home is unique and different. It’s nearly impossible to make a universal cleaning plan and supply list that fits every home. Our cleaning plan and supply list serves only as a reference.
Supplies list is broken down in to 3 main categories. Use these categories as a starting point for creating your own basic cleaning supply list.
Unsure which cleaning package is right for you? You may use our cleaning plan as a guide to help you decide better. You can also check with us and let us recommend you one of our many comprehensive packages.
Example: Weekly Cleaning for 800 sqf apt
Appx 20 mins per bathroom
40 mins
Living Room
Appx 30 mins
30 mins
Appx 20 mins per bedroom
50 mins
Appx 45 mins
40 mins
Appx 5 mins per piece
60 mins (12 pcs)
Rotational chores (fans, windows, etc)
Time left on clock
20 mins
Total 4 Man Hours





 Vacuum Cleaner
Broom & Dustpan
Hard Bristle Broom
Microfiber Cloth
Sponges & Brushes
Scouring Pads
Big & Small Pails
Mop Bucket & Mop
Toilet Bowl Brush
Dishwashing Detergent
Floor Detergent
Glass Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Soft Scrubbing Cleanser
Air Freshener
Kitchen Cleaner
Good Ironing Board
Garment Steamer
Water Spray Bottle
Ironing Starch
High Stool or Ladder
Waste Receptacles
Trash Bags
Recycling Bags
Extendable Hand Duster
Wiper Mop
Wiper Sheets (Dry & Wet)
Extendable Squeegee

Living Green, Cleaning Green

As part of our ongoing green initiatives, we are constantly striving to promote eco-cleaning to minimize our impact on the environment whilst providing quality service to our clients.

After months of testing and sampling, we are proud to share with you our favorite range of cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Made from naturally derived plant based ingredients, they are perfect for homes with young children and pets. They are also very effective and gentle on hands, they make cleaning so enjoyable. Our cleaners just love their work even more!

Yes! These bottles are so pretty, they make wonderful housewarming gifts too! Get your Home Detox Kit now at $74.00 and kick start your Spring Cleaning season! Contact us to place your orders. 

10+1 items Home Detox Kit includes:

1 x squirt + mop all floor cleaner (tile - lemon ginger/wood - almond)
1 x all purpose cleaner (pink grapefruit/cucumber/clementine)
1 x glass cleaner spray (mint)
1 x dish soap pump (cucumber/clementine/sea minerals)
1 x toilet cleaner (spearmint)
1 x tub + tile spray (eucalyptus mint)
1 x high performance dust cloth
1 x high performance kitchen cloth
1 x all purpose cloth
2 x heavy duty sponge scrub
1 x window squeegee (while stock last)

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