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How to Clean Your Blinds

 Do not throw away old socks, as they make great slat cleaners. Just put one on your hand, slide the blind between your thumb, and wipe the slat back and forth.
 The convex side of slats collects most dust: make sure to give it special attention
 If your are taking down similar blinds at once, it is good to label them so that you know which windows and which rooms they came from. You can write directly on them with a permanent marker on the side that goes towards the window frame. It should be invisible when the blinds are in place.
 Always consult the owner's manual that came with your blinds to see if there are any special care instructions.
 As with any cleaner, you should avoid all contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin and out of reach to children.
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Blinds provides privacy and also to add beauty to the windows. There are many various types of blinds on the market. But, no matter what the type of blinds you have, they do get dirty very quickly and may cause health problems therefore it is very necessary to get them clean and keep them that way.
Cloth Shades
Vacuum the fabric curtains often to prevent dirt from taking control. Be sure to clean the bristles of your vacuum attachment before you vacuum.
 To vacuum curtains, use the lowest suction setting and the upholstery attachment.
Begin vacuuming at the top of the curtain, and work your way down. Vacuum curtains as often as possible to keep them dust and dirt free.
Cleaning greasy curtains:
 Cloth - Remove the blinds and lay them flat on a towel. Mix a solution of very mild detergent with water. Dip a toothbrush into the detergent/water solution.
 Very gently brush the blinds with the damp brush. After one side dries, turn over and use the same procedure.
Aluminium - You may place them in a hot bath mixed with dishwashing detergent or clean with a baking soda & water mixture.

Wooden - Vacuum and dust them as often as possible and treat them with lemon oil.

  Close the blinds so that theyare flat. Attach the dust brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner wand.
Vacuum blinds from top to bottom. Turn the blinds the opposite way and vacuum the other side.
Alternatively for general cleaning, fill a spray bottle half full with water add a squirt or two of dishwashing liquid then finish filling with water.
Spray on a lint-free towel and wipe down going easy.
Care must be taken when cleaning real wood blinds. Washing the blind is NOT recommended.
Although the wood is sealed, water or even excessive dampness may cause damage or discoloration of the slats.
Vacuum and dust them as often as possible and treat them with lemon oil.
Since the surface of the slats is smooth, dust may be easily brushed off at regular intervals using a clean soft dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush attachment.





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